TV, smartphone, fridge, gold coins: What gets expensive after GST

However, luxury cars like Mercedes and Audi will get cheaper after GST rollout

 How will GST impact luxury goods? Let's find out

With the Parliament clearing the way for four crucial GST bills in its April session, India’s landmark tax reform is all set for its rollout on July 1. While it is expected that most goods may become cheaper after the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax, quite a few services and some goods will become more expensive after the tax comes into effect. It is also expected that the Indian economy will see an inflationary effect immediately after the implementation of the GST.

The current taxes are levied on account of central excise duty rates, embedded central excise duty rates, service tax post-clearance embedding, VAT rates or weighted average VAT rates, cascading of VAT over excise duty and tax incidence on account of CST, Octroi, Entry Tax, among others.

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Here are some goods that will be expensive after GST:

  • Luxury cars to become cheaper
  • Audio Systems/Home theatres
  • Televisions
  • Refrigerators
  • Watches
  • Mobile phones

GST Prices of the goods  → Click on the Link   


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